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CSS3 Effects

Speedo Slider supports CSS3 effects which can be set per slide or random. For some of the CSS3 effects, Speedo Slider has a jQuery fallback for older browsers like IE8.

Using CSS3 effects creates more smooth hardware accelerated transitions.


Speedo Slider is fully responsive. All slides and layers are resized and repositioned accordin to its original size. No mather what type is the layer, it will be resized and repositioned if the slider is set to be responsive.

Touch Friendly

Speedo Slider is touch friendly, this means it works great on mobile devices.


Speedo Slider Layers is a feature which allows animated elements inside a slide. The layers can be animated with jQuery and/or CSS3 transitions. The animated layers can be independentley animated.

Any Content Type

Speedo Slider supports any type of content. You can use images, videos, HTML, frames you can even play audio files.

Speedo Slider can also handle Google Maps, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos and other similar content.

SEO Friendly

Speedo Slider is SEO friendly. This means all images and markup is visible to search engines.

Light And Modular

Speedo Slider is built for your need. You can create your own version of plugin including only the features you intend to use..

HTML5 Ready

Speedo Slider plugin has full compatibility for HTML5 and CSS3, and full fallback for older browsers.